American Express Pony Society Mares

Here they are, all thirty-eight of them.  The Lucky Hart Express daughters.  Of these mares about 20 will be chosen to be the foundation AEPS mares.  WE should have our picks by fall of 2014. 

I am putting in farm friendly pictures now, but hope to have dozens of more professional pictures of each of them on the site this summer. The ones that I don't feel meet the criteria for the AEPS will be offered this fall (2014) Note-- Just because we don't feel that they belong in the AEPS that they are of poor quality.  It is just that they are not of the same prototype.





Mare's Name


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Lucky Harts American Exclusive
 Lucky Harts American Ann Exis
 Lucky Harts American Extra Vanilla
 Lucky Harts American Example
 Lucky Harts American Express Bay
 Lucky Harts American Ex Wise
 Lucky Harts American Extraordinary
 Lucky Harts American Ex Girl Friend
 Lucky Harts American Extraestrial
 Lucky Harts Better B Express
 Lucky Harts Lady Liberty Express
 Lucky Harts Heartbreak Express
 Lucky Harts Red River Express
 Lucky Harts Red Ruby Express
 Lucky Harts Federal Express
 Lucky Harts Red Rose Express
 Lucky Harts Red Rum Express
 Lucky Harts Let It B Express
 Lucky Harts Overnight Express
 Lucky Harts American Ex Ele
Lucky Harts American Ex Glorious
Lucky Harts Shasta Express
 Lucky Harts American Excessive Style
Lucky Harts Madam Express
 Lucky Harts Motown Express
 Lucky Harts Chang Hi Express
 Lucky Harts Hot Brandy Express
 Lucky Harts Bobbie Sock Express
 Lucky Harts Bless Express
 Lucky Harts Simply Expressed
 Lucky Harts Nakota Express
Lucky Harts Bay Express