The Lucky Hart Show String

I guess we've been pretty successful showing our horses through the years.  We've won a lot of stuff and even a few at the top level. But, the wins to me that mean the most are the ones that we developed friendships though.

What I love to do, is put a horse with someone that does something with it. Nothing makes me prouder than to see a good horse presented well that is the product of some of my breeding.  A horse that wins or looks good and  is a son or a daughter of one of my mares, Oh, man it doesn't get any better for me.

Or a horse that I have raised that accomplishes something in the performance area. Oh Boy.  Especially if it is with the youth.

Here is a few that we are proud of.  I will be going through old pictures and finding some of our favorites From Nationals and Worlds of the last 20 years.

Lucky Harts Two Buck Chuck Drives Again--

We don't own Two Buck Chuck anymore.  We haven't since he was just a little guy.  Well, guess he is still a little guy, but you wouldn't know it by all the winning he has done for Mary Collings of Aristrocratic Miniatures. A few years ago, Mary and Michael were here visiting, after they had bought his sire, A Stable Business Buck Private. Michael spotted a fat little buckskin colt in one of the pens and asked if he was a Puck son. I replied that he was. "What do you want for him", he asked. I answered, "Well, I don't know if he will amount to anything, give me two bucks."  Hence the name and the rest is history. I think Five World Championships  and Two World Grand Championships in Classic Country Driving.  He has his fathers disposition and Mary loves him. They are are a treat to watch and I am sure glad that Michael saw something in him, that I didn't.  Go Chuck in 2013.


Big Al goes to Texas --

Lucky Harts Private Alley -- Oh, can't wait to see Alley drive at Nationals.  She is just beginning her driving career with new owner Susan Halmark.  Lyn Yung is training Big Al and I sure hope she turns out okay.  Susan said she wanted something dependable and being a Puck daughter pretty much guarantees that.  Alley or Big Al as she is known as, is a daughter of Lucky Harts Lawdy Miss Klaudie the best miniature horse I have ever owned.



Tibbs Ex El Tango MI Amigo -

Watch for Josh with Amigo at Nationals.  He is all that I had hoped for.