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Listed below are the horses we have to offer this spring (2014).  Most of them are young George daughters. Most of these mares have their whole lives ahead of them.  Many have never been bred.  Because it was so hard to pick which ones to sell, I decided to offer them all and then when some of them are sold, stop the sale.  I don't want you to think I am holding the best.

There are other mares on the Reference Mare page also available at give away prices if you are from ND and have the right home for them.  They are older.

I reserve the right to change pricing or my mind at any time. 

Although I love to discuss sales and horses over the phone.  All price quotes will be made by email, so that I can remember what I said. If I give you a price by email that price is good for a week.




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Lucky Harts Sassy By GeorgeSassy has given us two Express foals.  She is not as pretty headed as some of the other George daughters, but has such presence and movement.  1300.00 
 Lucky Harts Jakie

Little Kings Buckeroo God

Lucky Harts Sasparilla

It is just a crying shame that I have not bred this mare.  She is so pretty and correct. The only reason that she has remained open is that I just have too many horses.  She sells open at 1300.00 If she is not bred by then I think I will put her with Ed. and then take her off the list. She goes back to a stallion that we started with called Big Jake.  Even after all these years, people still come and ask if I still have any of his daughters.

Rowbuck Gee Whiz GeorgieHere is a lovely George daughter that has not been handled much. I have her priced lower because, through not fault of her own, she has no manners. If you are interested in a beautiful George daughter out of Miss Wisdom, our old Boogerman daughter, I would send her to my friends to give her a refresher course,for a small fee. She just has never been made to stand tied. 600.00 amhr about 35 inches tall
Rowbuck Eldorado

George daughter out of a Rebel daughter.  A Rowbuck (Rowdy / Buckeroo).  If you want a pretty head George does it.  Excellent--1300.00

Got the George head.



Rowbuck Quick Whit

Little Kings Buckeroo God

Lucky Harts Whitney      

George daughter out of Whitney, a RebleX Whitie cross.  Whitney her mother is full sister to Lawdy Miss Klaudie. She is priced at $1300.00 open.

Lucky Harts Good Memories

Little Kings Buckeroo God 


 Rowbuck Finale

Little Kings Buckeroo God

Lucky Harts Cadillac Cowgirl


 Lucky Harts Cimarron Queen

Little Kings Buckeroo God

Little Kings Cimarron Dream


miniature horses, lucky harts bonnie by georgeLucky Harts Bonnie By George

A very lovely George daughter out of a Bob daughter. Not many of those. She is a nice mover and although has not been bred very many times was a good mom.She sells open like all they mares and I am sure will fit in your program. But I would not go any more Buckeroo as she is already doubled up. Bonnie is priced at 1500.00 and that may change.

 Rowbuck Junie

Little Kings Buckeroo God x Harts Kents June

 Lucky Harts Sweet N Neat

Little Kings Buckeroo God x Lucky Harts Aint Sha Sweet


 Lucky Harts Honey Bee

Little Kings Buckeroo God x Lucky Harts Bo Peep   

 Rowbuck Caddie

Little Kings Buckeroo God

Lucky Harts Cadillac Cowgirl

 Lucky Harts Red Eye Special

This little mare has the best ears of any out there. She is very fine boned and is very timid.  I have debated whether or not to put her up for sale, because she is one of those easy ones. Good mother - not push - just easy.  And then there are those ears on top of her head.  And that is the one thing you have got to have in a show horse.  Red Eye is priced open for 2014 at 1400.00

 Zee Jay's Gala Stardust

Lucky Harts Gotta Lotta Hotta

 Lucky Harts Rock A Billie
Lucky Harts La Bella

 Zee Jay's Arabella

 Lucky Harts Commanders Madam

One of the few Rowdy Grand daughters that we still have.  We have retained two of her George daughters.  If not sold by July 2014 we will breed her again to George and keep her.